Digi Scratch - A Winning Combination With QROST

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Set up your entire restaurant online with us. And create an online presence for your restaurant.
With eye catchy Menu Cards, great Food Listings and Easy to Order and Track facilities.
In addition to Smart Menus & Ordering Systems and so much more!
Create your own mobile restaurant, website and online order terminal for your restaurant.

Thats why our Digi Scratch offers a perfect solution for your business and customers.

With the Digi Scratch you can offer your customers a unique opportunity & chance to win something by using a Digital Scratch Card!

Sratch The Card and Try to Win ...

DIGI SCRATCH CARD for higher Conversions

Ask yourself..  Does a customer prefer to go to a restaurant where he can win a prize, for example a free dinner, or drink, or where the customer for sure will not win or receive anything?  

With our Digi Scratch you will have and enjoy more conversions and sales for your business! And customers will love to come to your business instead of going to your competition.

Imagine you offer your customers a prize to win something, for example a drink, a free dinner or something else. Only if the customer orders for more then $25 or any amount that you choose. Most of the customers will order for that specific amount, just to have the chance to win something, because your competition offers nothing to win for sure!

Meaning, more customers will now visit and order from your restaurant or business, because your customers will be able to win something, instead of nothing!

We all know that people love to take chances and win.
And the Digi Scratch offers many options and customization.

That is why our Digi Scratch is your winning combination!

How does Digi Scratch work?

Imagine your customer wants to order a breakfast for $15. You can mention to your customer that if he orders for $20 or above he can win/receive a free drink or dessert. Most customers will take this chance for an extra $5 and it will cost the restaurant only a drink, dessert or similar. Its all about creating customer engagement.

In addition, you should also mention that to your customer, that if he orders for $50 or above, the customer will have a chance to win his dinner, without having to pay the bill. So his dinner will be for Free!  Doing so, your customer will get so excited and will order the dinner at once or he will return very soon to try to win a Free dinner, because no other restaurant or similar business gives the customer a chance to win an awesome prize!

Now you have created not only a recurring customer, but customers because your customer will tell his friends and they will all excited!.

People Love to Play, Win & Tell Others!

So most of your customers will get very excites, because people love ganes and want to win!
Imagine that your customer will win his first time!.

A drink, dessert or similar will get the customers excited, because your competition is not offering this!

Your customers will even get more excited and return to you more often if your customer has the chance to win a Free dinner or something with more value.

Now you will have more customers, more sales and conversions because…

Imagine That You Decide If Your Customers Win!

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